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Contains photosynthesis promoter  5-aminolevulinic acid
Unique active ingredients
Optimum formulation of ALA
Not all amino acids are effective for plants. PENTAKEEP-V is formulated with an appropriate concentration of 5-aminolevulinic acid, which is highly effective for plant revitalisation.
Optimum formulation of micronutrients
Micronutrients are so easily insolubilised depending on the soil pH. PENTAKEEP-V supplements such imbalance between macro- and micronutrients.
Easy, compact & flexible
Easy to handle
Easy to measure, store, and transport.
Compact design
One bottle of PENTAKEEP-V is worth 5,000L solution. (When diluted into 0.02%)
More photosynthesis
Increases chlorophyll within plants.
Promotes photosynthetic activities.
Composition   Other active ingredients include
Total nitrogen (N) 9.5%   DTPA-iron, Zinc sulfate, Copper sulfate, Disodium Molybdate, 5-aminolevulinic acid
Nitrate nitrogen (N) 3.8%  
Water-soluble magnesium (MgO) 5.7%  
Water-soluble manganese (MnO) 0.30%  
Water-soluble boron (B2O3) 0.45%  
PENTAKEEP-V Catalogue Information [Catalogue Information]
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  How to use PENTAKEEP-V [Manual]
"How to use PENTAKEEP-V"
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